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Maria Esquela

e-NABLE Alliance
Our activities include: Open Science: Open source, 3D printable designs for upper arm, body powered and Myoelectic arms, hands. Exoskeletons, lower legs and feet.  Assistive tools and tools for tactile learners, including people with vision impairments, recovering from strokes and traumatic brain injury, or due to PTSD.
Open Hardware: Research turning waste plastic into 3D printing.
Open Know-How, Field Ready designs. 3D printable, lab-quality microscopes, and more
Open Source COVID Medical Supplies and pandemic response
Citizen Science and collaborative innovation: including need-knowers, students, emerging scientists, young professionals, makers and credentialed professionals in research and problem solving
Open Recognitions, micro credentials and Bit of Trust
Workforce skills development
Service Learning for adults and youth
Community resilience, and collaboration with responders and incident management 
Equity in distance learning, formal and informal education and access to technology
Internships for students on line and on-site
On-line STEM classes and workshops
Storytelling and Solutions Journalism
Advocacy for underserved, vulnerable populations; accessibility, web for all, internet access as a utility, making, STEM programs and workforce development
Using blockchain to protect intellectual property, manage supply chain, utilize smart contracts, access funds safely in fragile states and utilize electronic markets without discrimination
Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)
Vetted Volunteers- background checks for volunteers, owned by the volunteers, sharablein the responder communities 
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